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What People Are Saying

Jewish Wedding

What People Are Saying

Heather & Jacob Los Angeles

"We never expected our wedding guests to tell us how cool our rabbi was, but that's exactly what they expressed. Rabbi Ashley brought a wonderful vibrancy of modern Judaism to our ceremony. With her support, we were able to craft our perfect ceremony –– a blend of tradition, personal touch, and modern partnership. Leading up to the big day, Rabbi Ashley made a huge effort to be a part of our lives, provide spiritual guidance, and get to know us so that our wedding day felt deeply intimate. She even let us recite the incredibly long vows we wrote for each other. We are so happy to have Rabbi Ashley as part of one of our most important memories and to consider her a new friend!" 

Madeline & Michael Los Angeles

We absolutely loved working with Rabbi Ashley Berns-Chafetz! Thanks to her, our wedding was even more beautiful than we could have imagined.  I can’t tell you how many people came up to us afterwards and raved about her.  She got to know both of us on a very personal level and it definitely showed during the ceremony.  We started meeting with Ashley roughly a year and a half before the big day (via Skype because we were living on the other side of the country at the time). We did exercises and answered questions that not only helped her get to know us, but also helped Michael and I dive into our relationship on a deeper level, getting to the core of what we both wanted out of a marriage. We wanted a traditional Jewish wedding and Ashley broke down all the different aspects and options available to us, really catering to our needs and desires. Above all, she made us feel comfortable and stress free, so when the ceremony began, we could focus on what truly mattered, each other.

Shelby & Robbie Los Angeles

We really enjoyed having Ashley as our Rabbi.  We felt that she really put effort and interest into getting to know us and making our wedding and her comments at it unique, personal and meaningful.  Ashley was easy to connect with and led us in meaningful and thought-provoking discussions throughout the year leading up to our wedding.  She was able to understand our vision for our wedding and to craft a ceremony that fit us!

Whitney Los Angeles

"It was an honor having Rabbi Ashley lead our daughter’s baby naming ceremony. She worked with us in the weeks leading up to the ceremony and explained all the rituals and options we could choose from. Rabbi Ashley did an excellent job at tailoring the ceremony to what was meaningful for us and making it so special and personal. She was prepared, insightful, and knowledgeable. We are forever grateful for her guidance and warmth as we welcomed our daughter into the world. It was a day we will always remember thanks to Rabbi Ashley."

Nina Los Angeles

PERFECT!!  That is how I would describe the wedding ceremony of my son and son-in-law.  We were fortunate enough to have Rabbi Ashley Berns- Chafetz officiate at their wedding.  We could not have asked for a more kind, knowledgeable and heartfelt rabbi.  Rabbi Berns-Chafetz spent time with Jonathan and Chris before their wedding to get to know them better.  When she was officiating, there was no doubt that she was a part of their “inner circle” … so often rabbis don’t know the couple they are marrying and it shows.  In this case there wasn’t a dry eye in the house – not only because of the love between Jonathan and Chris but also because of Rabbi Berns-Chafetz.  We lost count of the number of people that commented on the service and how wonderful it was.   “Beautiful”, “moving”, “so warm”, “where did you find her?” are just a few of the comments.


We loved everything about Rabbi Berns-Chafetz and were majorly disappointed when she was not available for our other son’s wedding just a month later.  We can only hope and pray that she will be available to officiate at our daughter’s wedding when the time arises… if not, we will just have to change the date!

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