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Frequently Asked Questions

What do our pre-wedding meetings entail? Do we really need more than one meeting?

The meetings are important for a few reasons. First and foremost, it's an opportunity for the couple and I to get to know each other. These meetings are also the time for us to craft the wedding ceremony and answer any questions. If the couple decides to do the Prepare/Enrich Assessment, the additional meetings will allow for these conversations.

It is incredibly important to me that I have a connection with the couples I marry. I never want to be standing under the chuppah with strangers, and these meetings ensure that we have the time to get to know each other and build that connection. We also need more than one meeting to prepare for a meaningful ceremony.

We don't know Hebrew, and most of our guests aren't Jewish. How do we make sure everyone feels included?

I get this question ALL the time, and it's so important to consider for all lifecycle events. As part of our pre-ceremony conversations, we custom tailor the ceremony to you... and this includes your guests. I have many suggestions to ensure that the ceremony reflects the family, and that everyone in attendance feels included and welcome.

We are ready to move forward to prepare for our lifecycle event. Now what?

Wonderful! You can email me at, call or text (323)510-7889, or click the "contact" section of this website. I look forward to setting up an initial meeting soon!

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